Martin creates, shapes and visualizes ideas — as in graphic- & webdesign. He is trapped in love for this trade.

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Branding & Front-End. Due to a hosted system that controls all vendor features but allows only for little customization, we decided to inject own templates via JS & DOM-Manipulation and heavy CSS in order to build new features and enhance the design.Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, JS/JQuery, CSS3, AJAX.

Screendesign & Usability.Streamlining the user experience accessing a WIFI-Hotspot in a shopping mall via SMS-Gateway.Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, JS/JQuery, CSS3, AJAX, PHP.

Art Direction & Development. Shaping the user-experience and brand of a heavy site that coped with millions of page impressions and ten thousands of user-accounts while trying to maintain good ground on current technologies.Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, JS/JQuery, CSS3, Backbone.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Social-APIs, Unit-Testing, Performance Optimization, SEO.



Corporate Design, Re-Design, Interface-Design

  • Screendesign: Initial mockups for the frontpage.
  • Design & Front-End:
  • Design & Front-End:
  • Design & Front-End:
  • UI-Design: Workflow Platform, Szenario & Guide.
  • UI-Design: Workflow Platform, Szenario-Setup.


Joomla Templating, Illustrations, Backend

  • Illustration, PHP-Modules & Templating (Joomla):
  • Illustration, PHP-Modules & Templating (Joomla):
  • Illustration, PHP-Modules & Templating (Joomla):


Joomla Templating, Web-Applications, Consulting

  • UI-Design, Front- & Backend: Calculator for "ETS-IT" to sell VoIP-Equipment.
  • UI-Design, Front- & Backend: Calculator for "ETS-IT" to sell VoIP-Equipment.
  • Screendesign: Landing-Page cloud computing for ETS-IT.
  • Screendesign & Templating (Joomla): Markus Kruszyna.


Illustration, Graphic-Design, Merchandising

  • Screendesign: Mockup for web shop "AFK-Stuff".
  • Illustration: Shirt-Motive for web shop "AFK-Stuff".
  • Illustration: Shirt-Motive for web shop "AFK-Stuff".


Smaller Budgets & Concepts

  • Branding: My Logo.
  • Concept: "AZMatthes" on iOS.
  • Screendesign: OS1.TV / Mike Hillens Webshow "Gaming mit Mike".
  • Screendesign: David Prehn, Photographer.
  • Screendesign: Hartwig Schroeder, Dentist.
  • Illustration: Playful background.
  • Screendesign: Zauberhalle.
  • Screendesign: Winter Propaganda Studios, Berlin.
  • UI-Design & Graphic Assets: Game "Tanktris" a Tetris Clone.
  • UI-Design & Graphic Assets: Game "Tanktris" a Tetris Clone.
  • Graphic Design: Print advertising for an art exhibition.


Martin Sebastian

As an autodidact with quite some years of experience and a somewhat good proficiency in webdesign, Martin is someone who jumped into making a living from his passion and is open for hire from time to time.

Whilst freelancing for clients and working together with fellow designers in other countries like the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia or Dubai, a major chunk of his work is still done for German companies.

Martin constantly switches between being a front-end developer and beign a screendesigner with keen interest in typography, composition and user-experience. It is what taught Martin to never stop the urge to understand his clients, their needs and their environment.

On the practical side, he uses Photoshop for over 15 years by now and ever had a good grasp on HTML and CSS.

Martin likes the power behind libaries such as jQuery or Underscore.js but also brings profound knowledge about good old JavaScript which lately has become his point of interest and is the focus of his ambitions to become more versatile.

As far as his backend-experience goes, he started to use PHP for various projects and playgrounds as a young teenager and has since been interested in design patterns, OOP and writing DRY and structured code. PHP was probably what awoke his pristine curiosity and made him delve deeper into web-development. In recent years he peeked into Ruby on Rails. Though Martin has never found his mission in developing backend applications.

At the end of the day, this mixture is what allows Martin to connect into any team or to, ocassionally, solo all-embracing job-requests.